Moody Molly Designs

Moody Molly Designs was a senior class project in college. We had to come up with our own brand/business and execute everything that goes with it. Being obsessed with cartoons most of my life I decided to take my favorite cartoon characters and make sassy little girl named Molly who was very moody (hence the name haha). It was so much fun coming up with her, I made her into shirts, stickers, keychains and even her very own calendar! Everyone loved her, especially my Mom who was always my biggest supporter.

Flash forward 7 years later and COVID happened, I was pregnant with my son and wanted to do something creative to keep my mind busy while being stuck in the house 24/7. My husband found my Moody Molly collection and encouraged me to reinvent the brand into something positive and fun. Being a huge advocate for mental health I knew that was something I would want to do. In 2021, Moody Molly Designs was brought to life!

I've had several people ask me why I kept the name and didn't bring back the little girl. Eventually I would love to bring back Molly and put her on items for my store, even if she is moody she can still bring a smile to your face! The biggest reason though for keeping the name was for my Mother, she passed away in 2015 and year after Moody Molly Designs was created and I believe her passing was the main reason why I never did anything with it for so long. I was in such a dark place and I just stopped caring. God definitely works in mysterious ways and I was pulled out of that dark place and finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel. I wanted to honor my Mother by keeping the name and the dream alive.

I have loved watching and seeing how much this idea has grown and how many people have followed me since I opened the shop in 2022. From an online shop, to markets and now having my items sold in actual stores. I am so excited to see what the future holds for this business and I appreciate all the love and support I have received from the beginning. A special shoutout to my husband for always believing in me and helping me chase my dreams, even when I wanted to give up he was always there to push me to never give up. Also, to my Mother who was and will always be the strongest person in my eyes and the reason why I became the woman I am today.